Find Your Favorite Vegetables at Mandi Bazaar to Cook Delicious Indian Recipes

Love for vegetarian diets among Indians is a secret to none. Maximum vegans are based in India only. No matter which part of the globe they live at present, but they put their best effort to keep it as vegan as it is possible. Well, not much effort is required by the Indians in New Zealand though, to have their favorite vegetables. They can easily find their favorite vegetables at one place, Mandi Bazaar.

Potatoes for Dinners and Lunch:

Sweet potatoes or simply potatoes are one the favorites of Indians, no matter how much you talk about the calorie contents, sugar contents, carbohydrates, etc, of it. In fact, the delicious recipes that the Indians prepare using Potatoes can make anyone a fan of it, no matter how health conscious he/she is. Be it about conventional Aloo (potato) ki sabzi, Aloo ka Bharta, or jaw-dropping dum aloo, each of the Aloo (potato) based Indian recipe makes it tough for the tongue to resists.

Apart from completely potato (aloo) based recipes, Indians love using Aloo (potato) in combination with most of their recipes. For example, gobi-aloo, aloo-matar, aloo-paneer, etc are some of the recipes where aloo is used in combination with another vegetable for the recipes. Mixed-veg recipes like Navratan, in which a huge range of vegetables are used for the recipe, also include potato within it.  Indians love using Potato with the non-vegetarian recipes as well.

Breakfasts and Others:

All these recipes mentioned above based on Potato/aloo are basically found on dinners or lunch plates. But, that doesn’t mean potato is not found in Indian breakfasts. Potato hugely used with vegetarian sandwiches in Indian breakfasts. Similarly, aloo paratha with pickle or dahi is one of the appetizing breakfasts Indians love to have. All in all, Potato has been an integral part of Indian meals or recipes. In fact, some people don’t just buy these in one-two kilos; rather they prefer storing complete packets of potatoes (25-30 kg).


Recipes and Other Usage:

After Potatoes, the next prominent vegetable, that is like a must for the Indian recipes is the Onion. Potato and Onions complement each other perfectly. Interestingly, onion is a must for every recipe you prepare with potatoes. In fact, it can be claimed that onion is an integral part of any Indian recipe you name. Onions are looked for in greater quantity especially for the preparation of non-veg recipes.

Be it about fries, gravies, or something a spicy recipe, usage of onion is like a must for most of the Indian preparations. Well, not just the Indian recipes, Onions are highly preferred for traditional recipes of most of the nations in the world. Onions are used in huge amounts for salads as well by the Indians. Indians love to have raw onion slices by the side of their main menu plate. 90% of spice combinations for Indian recipes are like incomplete without the onions.

Considering the importance of Onions as mentioned above, Mandi Bazaar is vouched to deliver the onions of as much quantity as the Indian based families need in New Zealand. Moreover, Mandi Bazaar is always in effort to make these available at minimal possible price.

Distinguishing the Onions:

Onions can be basically distinguished into two types- the red onions and the white onions. One can easily distinguish the two through the color of their upper wraps. Naturally, the red onions are comparatively more reddish, whereas the white onions are whitish in appearance. Red onions are comparatively stronger in taste, making you cry a bit more. On the other hand, the white onions are sweeter and softer in taste, comparatively.

Though Indians don’t discriminate between the two, still, the red onions are preferred due to their stronger taste, which suits the Indian needs of spice preparation. Well, the white onions are preferred with the salads due to their sweeter and softer taste. Those love to have a raw onion slice with their primary meal also prefer the white onions, due to the same reason as mentioned above.