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Is your meal missing essential nutrients and proteins? Do you need healthy food? The best solution is to include Lentils or Dals or Dhal in your meals. The best part is now you can buy lentils online from Mandi Bazaar.

 Lentils are a rich source of proteins that will efficiently complete your balanced diet.

 Lentils taste delicious when cooked as curry with traditional Indian spices or masalas.

 Get full stomachs feeling with Dals accompanied with Indian bread or steamed rice.


Lentils are famous as dal or dhal or bean dishes in its country of origination, India. Lentils are considered as the meat of poor man and dal is the Hindi word for any kind of pulses and dry legumes which are generally split into halves.  Lentils can be of great importance in the diet of New Zealand. The varieties of dal or lentils are wide that you can think of it as a rainbow of peas and dry beans. The varieties of lentils are red lentils, chickpeas, black gram, lentils, pigeon peas, moong beans, red kidney beans, chickpeas. Some lentils like chickpeas and brown lentils are available in New Zealand. At mandibazaar.com you shall find all the varieties of lentils including masoor dal or yellow split peas, red lentils, black gram, etc. The message is clear to all the people in New Zealand: to use just a handful of dal of India in few cooking ways will expand the menu at the table greatly.

Prepare Indian dishes in New Zealand with the touch of Indian ingredients

 These lentils find a "must" protein part in the Indian meals and a part of the Traditional Indian meal will be reserved for the lentils as one of the main dishes. In India, one can see lentils of around 60 varieties being used and prepared in many ways. Lentils can easily be incorporated into the dishes of New Zealand. 

The lentils are cooked and prepared to a paste so as to use it as the base of dry curries, spicy soups, bread, desserts, and pancakes. They are mixed with potatoes, tomatoes, vegetables, nuts, raisins, rice, and a braid variety of pungent Indian spices. In some dishes the lentils are roasted to enhance the nutty flavor, used as a crunchy garnish, ground into flour in some cases to prepare pappadum, or simply as crisply fried wafers as snacks.

For the busy New Zealanders, cooking lentils are easier than to prepare mainstream beans. The lentils are hulled and halved generally and that is why they do not need to be soaked for a long duration of time which is required when cooking pinto or navy beans. Only in cases of chickpeas soaking is required. Most of the lentils soften within two hours of soaking and are prepared to be eaten within 15 to 20 minutes of cooking.

Lentils make up for a big part of your health benefits

Lentils are very low in calories and high in protein and fiber which lower cholesterol and help with weight loss. Lentils make the perfect legume to be included in salads, crudites, spreads, crackers and as a dish on the dinner plate.  The insoluble dietary fiber present in lentils helps in preventing the digestive disorders like constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Enjoy hearty meal with lentils on your plate

Lentils being very good source of third highest levels of protein keep you full throughout the day. They are the most filling sticking to the ribs food that prevents from over eating or junk snacking. Thus, it should be eaten during the lunch as it would keep you full and continue to give you energy throughout the rest of the day.

Enjoy the wide variety of lentils at your doorstep.


Note: We guarantee 100% money back guarantee for up to 3 months for lentils purchased from Mandi Bazaar from the date of purchase. Make sure to store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place following best procedure to store lentils for the long term.


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