Great variety of Indian Snacks or Namkeens waiting for you to munch on

Are you prepared for those sudden attacks when you feel like munching on Indian snacks or namkeens?  Moreover, it does not matter which part of the earth is your residence, tea or coffee time is incomplete without any snacks to go along with it. You definitely can buy them wherever you want to in the country of its origin, India, where it is available at every common shop.

But when you stay in a country like New Zealand which is nowhere close to India, you cannot have the privilege to enjoy munching on these due to the unavailability. Gone are the times when you had to stick with the boring options like cookies and pretzels with Mandi Bazaar at your service anytime anywhere.

Indian Snack attack with Mandi Bazaar

These snacks are hard to resist in a true sense. In India, you will always find an Indian snack packet in each house to dive in at any odd hour of the day. Namkeens of Ratlam and Indore are cried much famous. Namkeen cares the perfect call for anytime hunger pangs. We offer a wide assortment of delicious namkeens from the famous corners of India.

Great variety of Namkeens waiting for you to munch on

 Namkeen or namkin are the names of the snacks in Hindi that are salty or savory. The name is derived from the Hindi word Namak which means salt. Chivda, Chips, Sev,  Farsan, Bhujiya are among the wide varieties that are extensively enjoyed all across India.

At Mandi Bazaar, you would find great variety such as sev, navaratna mix, chivda, bhakarwadi, murukku, gathiya, mathri, masala kaju, sabzi pakoda, etc. The basic ingredients are sesame seeds, cumin, red chilli, chickpeas flour, ajwain, asafoetida, turmeric, edible vegetable oil, salt, black pepper, curry leaves, etc.

Enjoy good times with Mandi Bazaar

The best part about Mandi Bazaar is that you can enjoy the liberty of having these wonderful snacks at the place and time of your convenience. In a country like New Zealand, getting access to these wonderful snacks can leave an amazing feeling at home for all Indians who are at home far away from India. A diversified of namkeen from all the way around India that are hard to resist can be at your doorstep with just a click away.