Reward Points

For every $2 spent on Mandi Bazaar, you earn 1 Reward Point. 220 Reward points equates to $5You can reedem your Reward Points on your next purchase. When you reach the checkout (Payment Method) you can reedem your Reward Points. 

How Reward Points are Rewarded

Reward Points are rewarded on individual products and not on total expenditure. That means, if any product is for $1 (any amount less than $2), you will not get any reward points. If any product is for $3 or $3.5, you will get 1 Reward Point.

For Example: You bought 3 Products, Product A worth $1.79, Product B worth $3 and Product C worth $0.99. You spent total of $5.78 which means you should be getting Reward Points of 2.89. But that will not be the case in real. In this transaction you will only earn 1 Reward Points because only Product B is worth more than $2.

If you have any questions, please contact us via our live chat option or call us at 0800-622-922.

The Reward points can not be exchanged for cash. The Reward Points are valid on Mandi Bazaar website only.  


Mandi Bazaar fully reserves the right to give or not to give reward points on any products. Products on special or products of our selection might not be always rewarded with reward points.


* Mandi Bazaar reserves all rights in lieu with reward points program. The reward point program subject to change without prior notice.


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